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A traditional bank holiday pastime

Throughout much of the UK, the Easter weekend of 2021 was viewed in several ways, depending upon whether one was fed up with a year of global pandemic restrictions and hell-bent on hedonism or one had a care for one's fellow citizens, especially those in the NHS and local authority waste services. With restrictions easing slightly in England and Wales, there was much blatant disregard for the rules in places such as Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff. Northern Ireland wasn't immune from this madness, with rioting in several places, and I'm sure there would also have been Covid transgressions in Scotland, but we're four weeks from an election for the Scottish Parliament, so news media is in full 'union or independence' mode.

Meanwhile, I had to go to Shetland for work (travel allowed as the work is deemed essential and both archipelagos are in Tier 3), with a planned day of broadband repairs. One of these was cancelled last minute, so I found myself with a free hour on the west coast.

Hmmm, what to do?

It was sunny.

It was a bank holiday.

As mentioned, it was the coast.

Yup, I went to the beach.

To be fair, the windchill from a brisk northerly breeze made it feel positively freezing, but fresh air and exercise are important. Fortuitously, my next visit was in a village near Bigton, allowing time for a quick walk across the tombolo beach which links St Ninian's Isle to the mainland.

It wasn't very busy, as you can see, so I was able to take my time to approach this Ringed Plover which was patrolling the tideline.

Out in the bay, was a distant Great Northern Diver.

The gentle crashing of small waves was quite mesmeric...

But don't forget, with the wind, it was flippin' freezing, which likely explained the near total lack of other humans. Here's a minute's worth of 'on the spot' footage.

And here's the view of the tombolo beach from St Ninian's Isle, with the waters of Bigton Wick to the left and St Ninian's Bay to the right.

With my day's exercise in the bag, I could then head to the next broadband fault at the appropriate time.


  1. Beautiful pictures as ever but as you say, flippin' freezing with us too. Hopefully the warmer weather is on its way.

    1. Stop the clock! It was so warm today that I took my jumper off!


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